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Friday, September 30, 2005 

I'm not trying to justify his victory

Yeah, exactly six days ago, Daniel was crowned the second Malaysian Idol (not to mention the bunch of criticism that followed yet). Yeah, i know i am way too late to blog about this. For the past few days I'd been reading blogs about this issue and yet not have the time to blog about it myself. And from my reading, most of them were negative responses.
Hmm..let's see. He won with 68% of the votes, 1.2 million votes, to be precise, as compare to Nita, the runner-up, 500k votes. His victory looked like a resounding one, huh, but yet, many seemed not really happy about the result. Some said he won because of the votes from little Chinese girls below the age of 15, who still didn't know the difficulties of earning money and thus spent hundreds of Ringgit voting for him, whereas others said he won because of his looks, not his singing. They said that he was mumbling all the way. Some "far-thinkers" even doubted his ability to proceed to the international level of competitions, like Asian Idol or World Idol. Poor Daniel.
I've followed through the show since day one. For me, it's really not fair to criticize someone like that. And we shouldn't even compare him with Nita, the runner-up, or Jac, the previous Malaysian Idol(MI). All of them have their own strength. Just because your favourite Nita didn't win, it doesn't mean that Daniel doesn't deserve the title. 1.2 million votes vs 500k votes! (or 68% vs 32%) It couldn't be wrong, isn't it? Even though if you would prefer to think that most of the votes came from rich, little Chinese girls (or girls who have rich papa and mama) who could afford to send hundreds of sms to vote for their idol.
Maybe we should think the other way instead. Young, Chinese girls, with spending power. That's the way music industry works, isn't it? It's all about making money! So what's wrong with winning through young girls' votes, if it could bring hugh revenue to the industry? As stated by Paul Moss, the chief MI jury himself, it's a very healthy competiton.
And yeah, I know that Nita had a very powerful voice and she's tall and pretty and etc. But yet, no one could denied the fact that Daniel was more popular than her. Even though you might said that he doesn't have powerful vocal, or even sang out of tune in "mimpi". But who never make mistakes?But once more, he is the king of falsetto. Nita herself admitted it! And more important, there are very few local male artists who could sing like he does. And that's why he won! Because he is UNIQUE! Jay Chow wins popularity through mumbling also. And if mumbling does make him stand out of the crowd, what's wrong with it?
What would happen if Nita was crowned instead of Daniel?All we get is another singer with powerful voices. And hell, we have a whole lot of that kind of artists already!And MI is all about seeking the unique talent, isn't it?
For those "far-sighted" folks, don't worry about his ability to proceed to a higher level. He could certainly fend for himself, for God's sake. Who knows, he could probably reach higher than we expected! So why don't we just give him some time instead? And try savour the difference.
(p/s: I'm not a fan of Daniel actually and i didn't even spend one cent voting for him.)

Wow...didn't know they had Malaysian Idol! All I had known that existed is American Idol and Canadian Idol.

I think that no matter who wins on these sorts of programs, there is always going to be criticism and negative comments about the person such as the kind of things you mentioned (votes being given by young girls, looks, etc). It seems that people just don't want to think that maybe, just maybe, the person's talent actually got them to where they are...

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